Trend Ltd.has been taking to doing plastic processing function since it was established in July 1991 in Jászberény. It was founded by two home individuals in the rate of 50-50%, and the sructure of the owners has been unchanged and it is still in 100%  of  Hungarian possession.
Main activities of  our company : producing of injection moulded products, designing and implementing of injection tools as well as designing of plastic components construction. Nearly we have two decades’professional practise in the area of plastic injection moulding, extrusion, foaming and other kinds of tools, planning and producing of special machines and equipments as well as normal and gasmelt injection moulding, extrusion in the range of polyurethane foaming.


Our supreme ambition that the quality of plastic products has been geared to the requirements of the demanding markets and it has been adjusted to the claims of our consigners and customers. Towards the aim we have been striving to establish the possible most informal relationship both existent, expectant partners and suppliers.
Since April 2008 the Systems, Applications and Products – SAP – managing system  has been used in favour of our customers to be served more flexible and accurate way.
In this wise we would like to emphasize that our company is motivated in both tools and products production themselves that is why we welcome that at the requests of yours and we make a quotation in a short deadline.  In references to quotation as well as to agree of details we ask you  to look up our company. We trust in that with our competitive prices  we will be able to contribute to your success too.
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